One Woman Winery Wedding: Fernanda and Francois Payard

To say I’m behind in posting is an under statement.  But this wedding really brought back some AWESOME memories.  Fernanda, and Francois exchanged their vows before family and friends in the backyard of Claudia, the “one woman” behind, “One Woman Winery“.   Some of these guest came in from as far as France, and Brazil.

So what happens when you marry a Beautiful, Brazilian Vegan Desert maker to this Frenchman that happens to be one of the best Pastry Chefs in the world, at a great Southold Wine Vineyard?  You get an Awesome Wedding Day, with great people, food, drink, music and atmosphere.  Did I forget to mention a really old bottle of cognac, guitar playing, great food, outstanding people, and great music.  And for the record, Francois is the only groom….. strike that, the only person I’ve ever seen to keep personally turning up the music no matter how loud it was.  Forget his skills in the kitchen, that alone makes him number “one” in my book.

Fernanda, Francois, a big “Thank You”  to you, your family and friends for such a BEAUTIFUL DAY….

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  1. Good Stuff Munroe Photography – Looks like it was tonsssssss of Fun.

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