Growing up in Brooklyn, New York there was always a lot to see.  My mother, a truly remarkable woman and my best friend, was able to render things she saw using just about any medium you can think of.  She could draw, paint, or sketch anything, while I had trouble drawing a straight line while using a ruler.  I always wondered, and sometimes asked her what happened to me, âwhere was my artistic giftâ.  One day I found mine in photography.


Magazines like Time, Life, and National Geographic provided me with my earliest inspiration.  Combine that with my love of people, (I always spoke to strangers when I was a kid), it makes sense that I love to shoot weddings and portraits. Meeting people, documenting moments of their lives, and creating art at the same time is the best. 


Iâm not going to say life has always been easy, but my Love of God and my Family have pulled me through some interesting times. My son AJ is my lifeâs blood. No longer the little boy he was when I first started shooting, heâs grown into the man I still go to the movies with every birthday.   My niece Diandra, the daughter I didn't have, holds my heart. Through them, God provides me   with hope, strength, and courage.  They are living proof of His work in my life.


I picked up a phrase from my friend Gene Higa, âDare to be Differentâ.  This is what I want to show in my images. I want to show what makes each of us unique through my images. Iâm not claiming any particular style of photography, I learned that doesnât really work for me.  I just want to be âMeâ, and show everyone  âYouâ. 


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